Well, we can always ride from Stockholm to Madrid

How it all started


It was late August of 2017: Javi was moving to Stockholm and we were out having a goodbye dinner with friends. Javi and I were frustrated that we hadn't had time to go on a bikepacking trip before he left. We'd had this dream of travelling light and riding endless hours everyday, but that dream perished under the obligations of daily life. Jokingly, Javi said:

"Well, we can always ride from Stockholm to Madrid"

I guess that, sometimes, that’s all it takes: a stupid idea proposed at the right time. And, like that, we suddenly embarked on this crazy adventure.

We'd be lying if we said weren't a bit afraid. While we're already cyclists, the idea of riding 4500 km in a month intimidates us. We're going to be travelling with (almost) nothing but the clothes on our backs; we'll sleep where we can and eat what we can find.

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